Rachel Rich

name Rachel Rich is an ardent adherent of natural remedies and cures before artificial pharmaceutical prescriptions as these often have incidental effects that are not well disseminated. Her healthy cynicism about big pharma's commercial assertions evolves into positive eagerness that pushes her into very penetrating analysis before purchasing any product. Her comments are featured at The http://www.thetreatmentofhemorrhoid.com/ Site.

Bowel Movement Bleeding - 6 Possible Causes Sited In The Rectum

08th January 2010
Bloody (not the expletive but the adjective) appropriately characterizes bowel movement bleeding. Bright red spots of blood drip into the toilet bowl or down the legs. Red blood oozes from the surface of stools. Toilet tissue may be stained by scarlet red... Read >

Blood In Stool - 7 Reasons Found In The Colon

18th December 2009
Blood in stool is often discovered with some alarm, accompanied appropriately by exclamations of bloody (adjective, not expletive). Scarlet red dots of blood coat the stools. Crimson red blood besmirches the toilet tissue. Down the legs and into the toile... Read >